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How To: Create a Cross-Training Action Plan

Cross-training is an essential risk management function. It ensures someone in your organization can perform key tasks if the person who usually handles them is out of the office or unavailable for any reason. But cross-training has other benefits too: it can offer employees new challenges, help reduce staff turnover, and break down silos in an organization. Use the table and the tips below to create a unique cross-training plan for your nonprofit.

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5 Steps to Transform Performance Reviews from Dreaded Drudgery to Welcomed Opportunity

Most of us have experienced bad performance reviews: harangues about things that already happened—things we can’t change. Great performance reviews deepen an ongoing, regular conversation about performance. They are two-way conversations between a manager and an employee. And they focus on the future and how employees can reach their goals. Here are five steps to transform your performance reviews from an obligation to an opportunity.

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How To: Make Performance Reviews Meaningful and Memorable

Most employees dread performance reviews and many managers dread giving them. But it doesn’t have to be this way! With effective preparation, a collaborative approach, and a template to guide you, performance reviews will feel more meaningful and produce better results for your organization and your employees.

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Sample Questions: Annual Self-Evaluation

Self-evaluations are a great way to kick off the performance review cycle! These sample questions are an excellent starting point for building a meaningful review of your employees’ performance over the past year.