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What Kind of Risk Champion Are You?

Ever wonder what kind of risk champion you are? Take our 10-question quiz to find out! This quiz aims to help risk leaders and aspiring risk leaders understand their strengths and areas for growth (and have fun learning about them).

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How to De-Escalate Conflict

Violence has increased in America, and people’s tempers may flare even in routine interactions. Here are some strategies nonprofit employees can use to assess the level of conflict in a situation, bring down the heat in difficult conversations, and respond if an action does escalate.

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9 Steps to Foster Psychological Safety and Build a Risk-Aware Culture

If employees don’t feel safe sharing their opinions at work, any risk management effort is doomed to fail. It’s not always easy to foster a climate of psychological safety, a shared belief that it’s safe to take interpersonal risks as a team. But it can be done, and it will strengthen every aspect of your nonprofit, including problem-solving and risk management. Here’s how to begin.

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Applying a Risk-Aware Frame to Your Nonprofit’s Most Impactful Decisions

Many nonprofit leaders might not think about risk until a board member or committee asks them to or an unanticipated development or event disrupts operations. A risk-aware approach can help your nonprofit make better decisions in all aspects of its work. Bringing a risk lens to your work doesn’t have to be taxing or complex. Here are some simple approaches to consider risk in your nonprofit’s big decisions.